one vintage per farm per month


Artisanal crops like coffee and wine are characterised by their terroir. The context and combination of environmental factors, production and the crops inherent character. They are said to be an expression of the land.

Whilst this is a remarkable human creation, Ross Kopi is a product far beyond the scope of these limiting factors. Ross Kopi is the expression of nature. The narration of a moment in time.

The environmental context of our terroirs is a perpetual state of transition.

To distill its character we create a ‘vintage’ each month. The character of a terroir will change over the course of the four-month season. The character of two terroirs, 100 miles apart, from the same month, will vary. In the wild nothing is constant, only change.

“Ross Kopi delivers authentic, premium and unique Luwak Coffee from Indonesia. They present civet coffee beans of the highest order on every drop that gives you wonderful luxurious feeling. Ross Kopi brings magic on every cup.
I hope Ross Kopi always maintains their high standards and love for Indonesian coffee to spread words throughout the world about how to properly enjoy a cup of coffee.
Your products is the best. I can still remember the taste, the winey tones. masterpiece.”
— Derry Iskandar Second Secretary, The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia, UAE