Selection beyond our senses


Sourcing Ross Kopi is a search for a hidden wonder. It can only exist at the confluence of evolution, harmony and purity.

In these conditions natures shares her gifts, she bears the fruits of perfection. The ultimate tasting menu.

Over millions of years, one animal has evolved its senses to understand and feast at this banquet. The Civet Cat. Its mandate is simple - perfection.

Each night, this elusive mammal begins its search. It perceives the unique moment of peak ripeness through a chemical cocktail in the air, moving in a world we are unable to see or feel.

In the harshest climatic environments, the civet eats the red cherries of the coffee plant. What follows is akin to alchemy as the coffee beans lose all bitterness and intensify their sweetness.

Through his meticulous selection, the civet has created a unique natural wonder, and offers us a glimpse into the unity of nature.