Selection beyond our senses


Sourcing Ross Kopi is a search for a hidden wonder. It can only exist at the confluence of evolution, harmony and purity.

In these conditions natures shares her gifts, she bears the fruits of perfection. The ultimate tasting menu.

Over millions of years, one animal has evolved its senses to understand and feast at this banquet. The Civet Cat. Its mandate is simple - perfection.

Each night, this elusive mammal begins its search. It perceives the unique moment of peak ripeness through a chemical cocktail in the air, moving in a world we are unable to see or feel.

In the harshest climatic environments, the civet eats the red cherries of the coffee plant. What follows is akin to alchemy as the coffee beans lose all bitterness and intensify their sweetness.

Through his meticulous selection, the civet has created a unique natural wonder, and offers us a glimpse into the unity of nature.


Restoring The Original


The Origins of Kopi Luwak

The Origins of Kopi Luwak - After coffee was introduced to Indonesia, the sweet red fruits became part of the indigenous civet cats diet. Their natural way resulted in a coffee which remained the prize libation of the local farming communities.

This mythical story soon caught the world’s attention. Instantly there was a demand for this coffee which would outstrip the supply.

Kopi Luwak became an industry. It became a business.

Wild Luwak coffee is inherently a challenging task to find. In its wild form, It is not a business. It is not scalable.

To create a scalable business, civet cats have been taken from the wild and caged, to create volume. By doing this, you remove the essence of the coffee. A civet cat must be free. Like humans, the Civet is A highly evolved, instinctive animal, it does not tolerate well the confinements of restriction.

The same situation exists with foie gras and all farmed animals.

We do well to understand the basic principles of our action, as humans are animals. We all are connected.

When we are forcibly removed from our natural habitat,  we set in motion a cascade of events which create complete systematic stress. We enter a primal state of flight. All animals are programmed to do so.

In the flight state for a sustained period of time, it alters the energy of the animal and all that it creates.

Today, the majority of Kopi Luwak for sale is created using this system of animal cruelty.

Ross Kopi is globally recognised for our commitment to wild luwak production and our work to further the communities who are blessed with its presence.

“Ross Kopi has shown that it is possible to achieve the highest standard of coffee Luwak while embracing the ethics and environmental aspects of the industry. More importantly, Ross Kopi brings the hidden treasure of Indonesia’s coffee to the world.”

— Dr Rizal Sukma, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Kingdom and Ireland

Nature’s Purity


Ross Kopi is Nature expressing itself through coffee.

It is not the manufacturing of coffee from nature.


Multi dimensional complexity


Whilst our coffee is the result of intense natural selection and fiercest competition, it can only be created by us in a state of equilibrium.

This is achieved only when the environmental, social and economic are aligned. In such remote communities, in such treacherous terrains, life is not marked by the appearance of anomalies, they are the norm.

For Ross Kopi, luxury and truly sustainable farming are inseparable. They are a unity of the aspirational and the ethical.

Our renunciation of the existing status quo pushes us to always defy the conventional, to create a coffee so progressive at every level that we transcend any previous notion of what a coffee could be, but also how a luxury can be made.


one vintage per farm per month


Artisanal crops like coffee and wine are characterised by their terroir. The context and combination of environmental factors, production and the crops inherent character. They are said to be an expression of the land.

Whilst this is a remarkable human creation, Ross Kopi is a product far beyond the scope of these limiting factors. Ross Kopi is the expression of nature. The narration of a moment in time.

The environmental context of our terroirs is a perpetual state of transition.

To distill its character we create a ‘vintage’ each month. The character of a terroir will change over the course of the four-month season. The character of two terroirs, 100 miles apart, from the same month, will vary. In the wild nothing is constant, only change.

“Ross Kopi delivers authentic, premium and unique Luwak Coffee from Indonesia. They present civet coffee beans of the highest order on every drop that gives you wonderful luxurious feeling. Ross Kopi brings magic on every cup.
I hope Ross Kopi always maintains their high standards and love for Indonesian coffee to spread words throughout the world about how to properly enjoy a cup of coffee.
Your products is the best. I can still remember the taste, the winey tones. masterpiece.”
— Derry Iskandar Second Secretary, The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia, UAE

Ancestral Wisdom

Dr Mustafa Ali. The Godfather of Gayo Coffee.    This photo was taken at Pak Mustafa’s home in March 2018. We discussed his ambitions for Gayo and Indonesian coffee, and his vision for the future. A truly remarkable man.

Dr Mustafa Ali. The Godfather of Gayo Coffee.

This photo was taken at Pak Mustafa’s home in March 2018. We discussed his ambitions for Gayo and Indonesian coffee, and his vision for the future. A truly remarkable man.


Our Farmers

Whilst our process is meticulous and unforgiving, our coffee is not created solely by the cold composition of science and intellect.

Each bean is guided through the process by human hand, imbued with an ancestral knowledge of the land, the environment and their delicate interplay.

Virtuoso traits which cannot be taught, only inherited.

The Patrons of our Earth.

Pak Rahmat    Desa - Kem

Pak Rahmat

Desa - Kem

Pak Zainun    Desa - Rusep

Pak Zainun

Desa - Rusep

Pak Syabirin Syah    Desa - Bukit

Pak Syabirin Syah

Desa - Bukit

Pak Kartini    Desa - Rusep

Pak Kartini

Desa - Rusep

Pak Sulaiman    Desa - Alur Geulu

Pak Sulaiman

Desa - Alur Geulu

Pak Jagong    Desa - Benr Meriah

Pak Jagong

Desa - Benr Meriah