the revelation of nectar


Sipping Ross Kopi is the extraordinary destination to a remarkable journey.

Yet, to break the script and create moments of profound meaning we must engage all of our senses.

Ross Kopi is the final destination to a curated journey of

total sensory engagement.


Education & Anticipation


Bespoke theatrical presentation


Each surface curated for the sense of touch


Hedonistic intensity


Powerful Aromatics can transport and illicit first memories


Kaleidoscopic iterations of natures sweetest indulgence


The Totality of taste


While every cup is unique, all share the unparalleled taste and experience that is Ross Kopi.

A prelude is given below;


Intense chocolate, toffee, caramel, dark red fruits, sweet spices and coffee blossom.


Indulgent and rich, the oils and sugars in the coffee develop in the mouth, adding texture and smoothness.


The sweetness of Brown sugar, molasses and dark chocolate is balanced by mandarin and blood orange acidity. High notes of guava and papaya give way to subtle, deeper notes of cloves, cinnamon, star anise and sweet tobacco.


A lasting aftertaste of smooth caramels and toffee rest gently on the palate long after the coffee’s is long gone.


“Having a passion or heart to wanting to do something great in life is not enough, you need to pursuit it, put the work and sacrifices in order to bring it to life. I have tasted the fruit of this dedication, its called Ross Kopi, and it is an incredible cup of experience”
— Dimitar Dimitrov, Beverage Manager and Head Sommelier, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Your Unique Expression of Generosity and Hospitality


The future belongs to the few that believe in the beauty of their dreams.

In constant the search for the unique details which elevate us from all others,

Ross Kopi presents a new and rare opportunity to express yourself.

An elegant journey of transition beginning with the eyes, curated by you, for you.

A journey to celebrate your passions.

A new colour for which you can paint your masterpiece.

Working with the finest craftsmen in the world, together we create your vision.

The scarcity of Ross Kopi means this opportunity only rests in the hands of those few who know.

Where knowledge is prized as the ultimate exclusivity.


The Very Very Few


The importance of The 2018 Private Collection is matched only by its absolute rarity.

Our scarcity means that only the very very few will ever own it.

Ross Kopi is reserved for those who truly seek the ultimate.