Our Journey To Now

Ross Kopi is the result of an uncompromising vision.

Remarkable taste, exceptional craftsmanship, seasonal variation, true scarcity. Could these elements be achieved by one coffee?

This simple question would become a treasure hunt for the world's greatest coffee.

After exploring the best coffees the world had to offer, only one appeared to have it all, the mythical story of Sumatran Kopi Luwak. However what existed in theory did not in reality.

To create the perfect Kopi Luwak coffee would not require incremental change to what existed, but a paradigm shift of thinking on every level.

This would become a story of creation, creativity and innovation beyond the limits of all coffee’s which had gone before.


Values - Our Guiding Beliefs


True quality can only exist in the presence of humanity and the absence of compromise.


Whilst our process is meticulous and unforgiving, our coffee is not created solely by the cold composition of science and intellect. Each bean is guided through the process by human hand, imbued with an ancestral knowledge of the land, the environment and their delicate interplay. Virtuoso traits which cannot be taught, only inherited.

True Scarcity

We are limited by factors beyond our control. Supply is unknown.

Limited by its creation, not the creator.

The gayo highlands

The spiritual home of Kopi Luwak.

The combinations of coffee varieties on each farm must be cared for, in perfect health, organic and nurtured. Yet we do not select on the varietal of the farm. Not the actual coffee, per se. It is the feeling of nature which is most important. The soil, the jungle, the vibrancy of the farm. Bursting with wild fruits. This is the most important.

The energy and purity of the ‘place’ transitions with elegance into the final note, the coffee. The energy of purity and perfection transmutes form, via the civet, into a coffee bean. This is Ross Kopi.


We have studied the original methods to understand the past, to respect our land and our community.



To educate and reveal the full potential of coffee and realise it’s true value

Coffee is not a commodity

Coffee is not fungible, it is not uniform.

Coffee beans are a conduit, they are the character of their environment. They express a sense of place and time. If you compare the people from the different origins, you can understand how different the coffee will be also.

To understand how this is correctly communicated, we can see the global wine industry. The importance of the location, the terroir, in wine is everything. Wine understands the value of grapes.

Speciality coffee has only increased the value of the retail market. It has failed the farmer.

Our purpose is to break this script.

To do this, we would need to create The Ultimate, The rarest one of its kind in the world.

A coffee from which we could create our best possible future.

Through the revelation of our story we aim to change the way the world sees coffee.

It is only through education that we are able to create the true value of coffee.


Vision - Aspirations for The future

We aim to build the future infrastructure of coffee.

A system which not only enriches the farmers and their families, but by keeping the value at source, we invest in our communities and create real long term wealth.

This is the true value of progress.

This is sustainability.


Our Founder


It all started with a question…

Why did a coffee not exist that was extraordinary?

What followed would become my life’s work.

A quest to understand nature and interpret her secrets

Discover the mystical connection between body, soul and spirit.

To achieve this I would detach from the only world I knew,

and become the world I sought to understand

No path existed. We created our own.


Life In The Gayo Highlands

Welcome to our home


our work with the republic of indonesia

real wealth creation

Since 2013, we have been advising and working with the Republic of Indonesia and their network of global ambassadors. Our founder has represented Indonesian coffee and sustainability on many occasion as their guest speaker.

We believe Indonesia is the probably the wealthiest country in the world. With the support of the government we aim to realise that wealth through our commitment to the highest quality coffee possible, our innovations in farming practices and love and respect of the farming communities throughout this remarkable country.

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Arif Havas Oegroseno

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Germany

MR - Arlinda Imbang Jaya

Arlinda Imbang Jaya

Director General of National Export Development, Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia 

MR-Dr Rizal Sukma

Dr Rizal Sukma

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Kingdom and Ireland

MR-Husin Bagis
Dr Mustafa Ali

Dr Husin Bagis

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to United Arab Emirates

Dr Mustafa Ali

Chairman of the Gayo Coffee Protection Society (MPKG)

Catur Sugyanto

Professor Agricultural Economics, UGM University Yogyakarta

Global Speaking Engagements



Banda Aceh, Indonesia

IICS - Indonesian International Coffee Symposium

Title - “Production of sustainable wild civet coffee and its market in EU countries”




Jakarta, Indonesia

Trade Expo Indonesia

Title - “The Future of Indonesian Speciality Coffee”




Gothenburg, Sweden

SCAE, Nordic World of Coffee

Title - “Ross Kopi - The Story of Wild Luwak”




Jakarta, Indonesia

Trade Expo Indonesia

Title - “How Sustainability Will Drive Indonesian Growth”




Yogyakarta, Java


University Gadjah Mada, Guest Lecturer

Title - “Indonesia - Utilising Our Capacity To Save The World”




ubud, Bali


Menulis Indonesia Mulai Dari Desa

Title - “Creating Real Wealth at Origin”




Hamburg, Germany

COTECA - Coffee, Tea, Cocoa - Global Industry Expo

Title - “Make Luwak Great Again - How one mans vision could change the future of coffee.”

Title - “Indonesian Coffee - The remarkable story of discovery, diversity and taste.” 



International Press Coverage